Why Dams are Important?

Dams are very important in view of water storage.

The period of extreme dry season is known as “Drought”.This extreme hot and dry weather appears every year during the Summer season.Dry air starts blowing which gives a queer sensation of hotness.The leaves of the trees fall and become dry ,they sounds when they come under the feet.Every year many problems are produced by extreme dry weather or drought.The main problem which is created by drought  is the shortage of water supply.The water supply is not according to the needs of people.Sometimes people are troubled so much because they face water shortage.

Every thing looks dusty and the dust is also carried by air.People feel great trouble in the travel.The water in the canals ,rivers and ponds become  decreased and sometimes becomes dry due to the extreme hot and dry weather.The shortage of water during drought is harmful for the crops.In order to fight this problem ,many countries are looking ahead to built more and more dams.The dams are actually  kinds of wall which are contructed to stop the flow of water from rivers.This process helps in the storage of water.The water which is stored with the help of dams can be used for many purposes.In many countries, where the rainfall is uncertain  dams can play a very vital role in the storage of water.

The dams are also a source of multiple purpose projects because the water which is stored in dams has potential energy which can be converted in to other kinds of energy which is used for different purposes.Hydro electricity which is used produced by water is generated from the water which has been stored in dams.Many Hydel power projects  are working at the places where dams have been constructed.These dams are also helpful in producing electricity.It is high time that small dams should be constructed at various places so that water could be stored at different places and this storage could utilized for agricultural and production purposes without any hindrances.

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  1. BruceW Says...

    On September 8, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    What about the adverse effect of dams on wildlife in the rivers and on communities along other parts of the river who find the flow disrupted?

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