War Thunder World of Planes – First Release Version Range Aircraft and The New Fan Video The Eastern Front

War Thunder: World of Planes release version Soviet aircraft and fan video The Eastern Front.

War Thunder World of Planes – first release version range aircraft

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of computer games is proud to announce that the official project website War Thunder: World of Planes release version was published by the available range of Soviet aircraft in the game.

In the meantime, until active preparation MMO project to the stage of closed beta test, which allows thousands of players to evaluate their strength as a pilot during the Second World War, the development team works tirelessly on a new game content.

Two independent lines: fighter bombers and attack aircraft with a – in coupe form an impressive list of 80 aircraft. To study the release version line, visit the official website of the game.

And as a hint to future innovations, we are publishing a small but exclusive collection of screen shots of Soviet aircraft. To see the new models in all their grace and power, go to the Media on the project site.

War Thunder World of Planes The new fan-video The Eastern Front

The developers of War Thunder: World of Planes reported the appearance of a new fan video “Eastern Front” (The Eastern Front).

“This is the third non-roller tester that is based on the gameplay in the alpha version of the War Thunder: World of Planes, dedicated to fighting on the Eastern Front. Clip shows a few sketches of the tank battles in the game, and not just the bombing.”

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