Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore

Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is a prominet tourist attraction in Bangalore city in South India. This science museum can be considered as a science center rather than merely as a museum.

Let us explore in detail about the various sections of this unique museum.

Engine Hall

The exhibits in Engine Hall depict machines, devices and mechanism related items. Some of the main secitons in the hall include Simple Machines and The Prime Movers.

Electrotechnic Gallery

The Electrotechnic Gallery is the latest addition to the museum. It has some interesting exhibits on various topics in electrical technology. Some of the sections in the hall include Static Electricity, Current Electrictiy and Electromagnetic Induction.

Fun Science

Fun Science is one of popular exhibits in the museum. It has various hands on exhibits on popular subjects such as Mechanics, Mathematics, Sound, etc.

Space Gallery

In this exhibit, you can find the simulation of Sriharikota Rocket Launching Station.

Biotechnological Section

The Biotechnological Section exhibits sections related to Cells, Genetics and related subjects.

BEL – Hall of Electronics

This hall has exchibits realated to various subjects such as basic electronics, digital electronics, communications, Internet, Virtual Reality, etc.

Science for Children

This gallery is dedicated to children and has a lot of interesting exhibits such as Train, Building Blocks, Touch and Smell, Shadows and Color, etc.

Dinosaur Corner

This section has a large robotic Spinosaurus. Also, there is an exhibition on the history of Dinosaurs.

Wright Flyer

This is one of the most interesting sections of the museum. It displays a full scale replica of the 1903 Wright Brothers’ aeroplane Wright Flyer I.

A unique and interesting place in Bangalore, the IT city of India. Don’t miss this place if you get a chance to visit Bangalore.

Happy travelling.

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