Uses of Technology

Paper of the uses and advantages of technology.

Technology is being used in many ways today such as using the internet for activities, social, and business reasons, but it has one important function that a lot of people argue about. It helps in classrooms and helps the students in school. Technology can speed up the learning process by providing more information.

          In schools today teachers must teach their students to solve complex problems that require a lot of knowledge that can take days or even months. Technology allows teachers to present the information faster and have more ways of presenting it and making it fun instead of lecturing it to kids. Computers are one of the biggest upgrades in school. Students are able to researcher something without having to go home or to the library and look through a lot of books for different information about something. Some people might say that the internet still has that problem of having to look through a lot of different sites, but the search engines and the publishers of the web pages has combined information of a lot of books and has summarized and put important facts about the subject onto one page. In other words there is more information that you can get by looking at one page against looking through a whole back that’s on one topic and then having to go to another book for another topic about the subject you’re researching. Another type of technology that helps teachers and students is a word processor Microsoft Word being a very commonly one that is used helps students organize and write legibly. This helps teachers that can’t read a student’s handwriting. The students with bad hand writing can now write legibly with a word processor so a teacher can read the paper. Some parents say that not everyone can afford a computer. On a computer all you need is something with basic programs you can get a monitor and desktop for 450 dollars. If you don’t have a computer you and your child are at a huge disadvantage of growing and education. Technology being put into schools is on going, unstoppable, and necessary.

          Since 1992 limited English proficient students aka as LEP students have doubled. According to the Language Instruction Educational Programs there is close to five million identified LEP students. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 makes it so that LEP students have to reach the same challenging state academic achievement standards. This makes it harder for teachers and students to meet these standards since the kids are unable to speak English very well. Technology can make it easier for the students and teachers to meet these standards. A lot of search engines and web pages will translate a site into English. There are also programs that will spell out and pronounce a Spanish word into English. Computers can read a story in Spanish for the students then translate it into English or vice versa. This shows the kids what the story is then what it sounds like in English and what the words mean in English.

          Technology also helps in college in many ways. For example a person is sick and can’t come to class. They can get notes and assignments emailed to him. They can even take the class online. A lot of times people email their reports to the teacher. This keeps it from getting lost and also keeps the teacher organized. This is for any grade but people can email their teachers if they don’t get something on the homework or lesson and the teacher would be able to email them back and help.

          Technology is a very resourceful thing to people and does help speed up the learning process. Technology is always going to be changing, getting better, becoming more resourceful then it already is, and available. Lets face it we’re always going to have technology to help us and we shouldn’t deny that help.

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