Uken Games Age of Legends Strategy Guide (Stat Points Guide)

Here I will be giving you my input on stat point distributions.

Every level you gain, you earn 5 stat points to spend.
You should place your stat points based on your own needs/preferences. Whats important to note is that Defense stat doesn’t matter when you’re attacking someone, and when someone attacks you Attack stat doesn’t matter.  So if you have High attack stats then you’ll deal more damage (when attacking), and if you have high defense stat you’ll take less damage (when attacked).

If you are going for invasion hunter (killing bosses), your main attributes should be Attack and Stamina.  The more stamina you have the more times you can attack a boss and of course attack gives you more damage.  Please note you can also use Stamina potions too every 18hours.

if you are going for endurance build (long lasting on bounty list), your main attributes should be Defense and Health, both for obvious reasons.

Personally I like Attack a lot more than defense because I like to initate battle and kill bosses seeing big numbers when I unleash a blow satisfies me.  I also feel the energy stat is the more useless stat. Remember that you can use Power-Ups to boost your Energy. Adding on to energy only boosts the maximum energy it doesn’t make it regenerate faster or anything.  My point being, If someone had 60 energy vs 600 energy they would regenerate at the same speed,  the only benefit being that 600 energy would have 10x more everytime you level up.  

While investing your points remember that it takes costs 2 points to increase your Stamina by 1 and also that for every point you spend on Health, your Health increases 5 points. 

Health is important because it can keep you “alive” and the healer will heal more of your health for hte same price.  A hero with 100 hp @ level 10 will cost 1 million to heal fully, for example.  A hero with 500hp @ level 10 will cost 1 million to heal also, something to keep in mind.  Another reason is if your hero is below 25% maximum health they will go into “injuried” state where you cannot be attacked or attack other people.  If someone reduces your health to 0 or below before you reach injuried state you will die :( .  This is bad because it ruins your profile’s Kill to Death ratio (only if you care for it).

So all in all I feel energy is the least important stat, Stamina would also be an unimportant stat if you don’t care for battles.  
Defense is great if you’re patient and willing to wait to get attacked or be put on to the bounty list. 
Attack is great if you’re into intiating attacks and boss killing.
Health is important attribute for everyone. 
Hope this helped, 

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  1. Imouthy Says...

    On February 25, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    do you get valor points if you do the top damage on bosses?thx

  2. derp Says...

    On March 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    no, only some money.

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