Top 12 Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions in the World

Here are some of the most spectacular inventions and discoveries that changed the way people did things.

Science has been of great help to the people. Below are some of the great things that were discovered and invented by famous people around the world.


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With the discovery “anaesthesia”, people conquered pain. It made some of the most dangerous medical operations to be possible without further hurting the patient. The term was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. in the year 1846. The original definition of this term is “the blockage of sensation” but could also be defined as, “reversible lack of awareness”. Actually, anaesthesia was already used in the pre-historic times. Even in the year 4200 B.C., opium poppy was collected to make it as a herbal anesthesia.

Carbon dating

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This method is used to accurately identify the age of a certain object. This was developed by Willard Libby and his colleagues at the University of Chicago in the year 1949. He received a Nobel Price in Chemistry for his work and achievements. Although,a more accurate figure was found out, most scientist prefer to use the Libby figure to avoid inconsistencies of the previous informations published.

Blood Circulation System

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It was in the year 1242 that an Arabian physician accurately described the human circulatory system. Although some of the earliest people already had the thought of the system, it was in the year 1628 that  William Harvey announced that the discovery of the human circulatory system was his. He performed several tests and wrote an influential book, and these convinced the medical world to believe in the genuineness of the discovery. Harvey was not able to identify the capillary system connecting arteries and veins; these were later described by Marcello Malpighi.

Deoxyribonucleic acid

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The discovery of the DNA was made by the Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher. It was first called as a “nuclein” because it resides in the nuclei of a cell. The first correct image of the DNA was made as a suggestion by James D. Watson and Francis Crick based on image diffraction done by Rosalind Franklin. DNA is the blue print of a person because it holds the instructions how to build up some of the components of the other cells.

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    Just having fun, Anesthesia – very good invention!

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    The invention of creating and harnassing fire, the invention of the wheel, and of rubber, the invention of zero, the invention of the sundial, the invention of the color television, the invention of writing, the invention of astronomy, the invention of mathmatics, the invention of irrigation, the invention of masonry, the invention of musical instruments, the inventive expressions of the arts, the invention of sports, the invention of politics, the inventions of war, all the inventions of the human mind!

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    We easily take advantage of humble daily items, like paper, compass, printing etc etc.

    Depends on how you look at it – internet isn\’t really an invention as it is a combination of different technology and database.

    Great articles nevertheless :)

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    I would have to say the invention of the first writing. While it was not comprised of an alphabet, it certainly was a stepping stone into how man could show his skills as a communicator. The first wall markings were really the first calendars, the first newspapers, the first art work, the first use of inks as a form of communication as well as one of the earliest forms of chemistry.
    The invention led the way to how man himself evolved and learned with its first accounts of fire, first accounts of weapon making, and later when newer forms of life were discovered and man needed a way to record to another tribe what was seen, then an early alphabet was needed to spread the news.
    The Bible speaks of the Tower of Babel as where the form of new languauges were created by God as he destroyed man’s attempted climb into the Heavens. Basically, it was employment that brought the now strewn out tribes to build the behemoth of all buildings in its time and with them came the new words they had incorporated on their own as they discovered not anything really new on Earth but new to their particuliar set of eyes. These words would no doubt change in meaniong as sure as telling a secret to one friend who starts to spread the story about to others. By the time it gets back to the source , What may have started out as “Mary had a Little Lamb” now may come back as “Harry killed a big Elephant”. (NO, I am not taking the the word of God out of text; Just merely giving my deciphering of his word as surely we all do in our own way!).
    The Bible is another great invention in its many origins but that in itself is a comp[letely different article in itself!

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