The Toddler Robot

The iClubs Toddler Robot was Designed to Learn Just Like a Child Would.

In the Hope to Better Understand How Humans Developed there Thought, Through Interactions with are Surroundings. This Human Child Like Robot is Capable of Learning Just like a Toddler and is able to Adapt to Situations an Ever Changing Environments.

The iClub Toddler Robot brings to life the future of robotics, that are able to comprehend and learn from simply watching human interactions. Something Straight out of the scfi movie This little bot looks eerily familiar to the ones found in the movie iRobot an what better way to grab attention then designing a robot that mirrors one from a movie.

In reality the iClubs Toddler Robot is a precursor to an adult sized robot that can comprehend an learn from what ever experiances an situations it’s put in. It’s almost like there testing to see what a smaller version will do. And I would have to say with good reason. It’s a lot easier to control a 3 foot robot with the mind of a child that has capability to learn an adapt. Then trying to control a full sized humanoid robot with the same capabilities.

The Toddler robot explores the world around it just like a child does, it has the ability to recognise humans, and there movements an learn and adapt from them. Something only this particular series of robots can do. iClubs robots are at the forefront of future robotics research and are truly making history.

The future of robotics is here. But should we really try to create something that learns from Us? I mean Humans are not the best role models an since this type of robot learns from what it sees it could definitely lead to some major problems.

Especially if one of these robots watched any number of are movies or witnessed Humans arguing an fighting. Just like a child. If He or She is mistreat an or abused it can literally shape there personality an the way they act for the rest of there life. Kids love to copy everything they see, and designing a robot around this idea could be a good thing or it could be a disaster laying in wait.

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