The Importance of Energy

Many people think that we should find ways of being less wasteful with our energy. These could include greater use of public transport and bicycles instead of cars, better insulation in our homes, manufacturing goods that last longer before they are thrown away, and recycling more of our waste materials.

The Importance of Energy

By Mr Ghaz, November 3, 2010

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The Importance of Energy

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Our bodies depend on energy, as do our homes, vehicles and factories. On Earth, the Sun is the source of nearly all of our energy. Without energy, nothing would live, move or change. It is hard work pedaling uphill or moving heavy objects about. To scientists, work is done whenever a force makes something move. The greater the force and the further it moves, the more work is done.

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If something has energy, it means that it is capable of doing work. An engine uses the energy in its fuel to move a car along. A battery can store the energy needed to turn an electric motor. And some winds carry enough energy to blow trees over. Hot things also have energy. In any material, the tiny particles (atoms) of which it is made are always on the move. Heating the material makes its atom move faster.

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Scientists measure energy in joules (J). A litre of petrol stores about 35 million joules. But this energy is not a ‘thing’. It is just a measure of how much work can be done. The energy can be used to produce motion that you can see (such as a car speeding up) or tiny movements that you cannot see (like the atoms moving more quickly when something gets hot).

Changing Forms

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Energy can exist in many different forms. Things that are moving, such as cars and winds, have kinetic energy. Spring or other stretched or compressed materials have potential energy. So does anything in a position where it can fall. When hot materials cool down, they give off heat, or thermal energy. Foods, fuels and batteries store chemical energy-their energy is released by chemical reactions. Light and sound are types of radiant energy. Electric currents carry electrical energy. And energy that comes from the nucleus (centre) for an atom is called nuclear energy.

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