The Hindenburg

This article will contain three main aspects regarding the Hindenburg:1)Hindenburg features-2)the Crash-3)Theories about how did the crash happen.

The Hindenburg is one of the biggest airships that has ever been made,it was easy and comfortable to travel by this airship.The owner of this airship is a German man called ” Ferdinand von Zeppelin ” .The Hindenburg was 804 foot long and it was filled with hydrogen .Moreover, it was equipped with Luxurious comfort such as : bed rooms,library,grand piano,coffee lounge and a corridor with a large window that shows a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.This airship made history because it was the first transatlantic airship.

Unfortunately , they didn’t enjoy this big airship for too long as it crashed and totally burnt out in only 32 seconds.When the Hindenburg first crashed it carried 1300 passengers on it and thousands pounds of cargo across the Atlantic.Thirty-five passengers and one crew member has died because of the crash .

The cause of the fire is still a mystery,however,many theories came out to explain the cause of the crash but no certain  reason was given.The first theory was is that the crash happened because of an electrical spark that caught the airship one fire.Another theory claimed that the cause of the crash was because of the bad weather,as a lightning struck the airship.However,the most popular theory was the amount of hydrogen that the airship had contained was the main reason why did the airship caught on fire as the hydrogen is a very flammable gas . Furthermore,this disaster has marked the end of the commercial use of this way of transportation .

The Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg catching fire on May 6, 1937 at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deutsch: Postkarte vom Zeppelin LZ I29 Hindenburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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