The Change Process From Urine to Energy

Dutch researchers found a unique alternative to replace fossil energy. Urine or urine was developed as a renewable energy source.

As reported by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), a unique renewable energy was developed by DHV research institutes in collaboration with the University of Delft. Patent for this research has also been gained in China, South Africa, the United States, and Europe.

Then how the process of converting urine into energy?

The researchers developed a study to build a processing facility in Groningen. Here, urine is collected is processed, first by filtering water of pollutants in the urine.

The result will be reproduced salt crystals. Furthermore, the salt crystals will be broken down into fertilizer, phosphate, and ammonia. Then, ammonia gas will be brought to Delft.

After that ammoniac will be channeled to the fuel cell. Easily, the process of conversion to electrical energy in the fuel cell is in progress.With the supply of urine that is always available, the electrical energy generated can be held any time. In contrast to the energy produced from wind and oil, which depends on natural conditions.

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