The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

A short essay on some of the pros and cons of the mobile era.Few advantages and disadvantages of the mobile have been listed out.


            If you go back to the time before mobile phones you will see a slow and tranquil world in contrast to the present. Though the health risks associated with mobile phones pose an ominous threat, humans do not like to sacrifice it for anything in the world. A person without a mobile phone is considered gregarious if not insane by most of the people.

             The first and foremost advantage of a mobile phone is that it keeps you connected to the rest of the world 24 x 7 no matter where you are. You need not worry about missing on some important communication when you are out of either office or home. But this comes at the cost of privacy. You can no longer enjoy an evening out with you friends or family if you boss loves to call you up all the time. You can never predict where you will be in the next moment thanks to the mobile. It can summon you anywhere and anytime in the guise of special circumstances.

             A mobile phone gives a sense of securityto the aged and elderly people. Imagine that your dad has never taken a flight before and you are asking him to board the plane to meet you somewhere across the globe. Don’t you and your dad feel more comfortable as both of you have a mobile. The great wave of relief that you get when your dad arrives without any hiccups cannot be attributed to anything else than the mobile. And of course the disadvantage is a threat to the security at some places. ATM’s, defense zones, gas stations don’t let you use the mobile.

             Think of the time that you save as you own a mobile. In the spare time that you get while travelling or waiting for someone you can carry out a number of tasks. You can pay your bills, order your grocery, book tickets, and be socially up to date with relatives and friends and so on. The world would be a lot slower had the mobile not been there. The rider attached to this benefit is the lack of concentrationin anything that you do. Students no longer pay attention to the lectures as they are quite busy sending sms or chatting. You may go to a movie but miss out some of the dialogues as you get an important call. A mobile puts you constantly on the toes or the mind and you do not belong to any place wholly for even a single moment. This lack of concentration causes serious repercussions in both your personal and professional life.

             Research suggests that the rays associated with mobile phones are hazardous and lot of health risks come along with it. Pregnant women and heart patients are advised to stay far from the world of cell phones. At the same time it is the mobile phone which saves ones life by allowing you to contact any hospital from anywhere you wish. You need not blame lack of medical support anymore.

             Finally, it is your own call on how much importance you should give to mobile depending on the day to day demands that you might have. Just as most of the things have pros and cons attached, even a mobile phone comes under such scrutiny with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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