Sunday, The Russian Satellite Falling to Earth

Space atelit Russian Phobos Grunt, is expected to fall to earth. Russia’s satellite will likely be landing in the ocean.

Excerpted from the pages of the Guardian, the satellite which was launched at the end of 2011 failed to land on a mission to Mars. Scientists are monitoring the orbit of these satellites can not be sure where the satellite will fall. However, a number of major cities like London and New York included in the potential region where the wreckage fell this.

At a meeting of the Science Media Centre in London, England Head Space Agency, Richard Crowther admitted to not worry about the return of Pbobos-Grunt.

“It will not make me awake all night for fear satellite debris will land on my roof,” he said. When viewed from space, he added, most of the Earth covered in water.

He considered the fall of satellite junk that does not need to be a threat because it usually falls in the ocean or occurs at night.

“If you look at the mainland, the population is concentrated around the coast or certain areas,” he explained.

Crowther added return of satellites and spacecraft will be a discussion of material United Nations. According to him, the engineers need to think about design of the spacecraft taking into account the possibility of the return to earth because the satellite failed.

“The design makes the aircraft was destroyed before getting back to earth so as not to endanger the people in the land.”

Phobos-Grunt is the largest aircraft ever made the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos. The mission of this aircraft is landed on Mars and take some samples from the planet. China also participated in this mission to entrust container containing the bacteria. China wants to test their survival in space.

While Researcher Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Thomas Djamaluddin stating the exact location of the fall of garbage can not be ascertained until the satellite this unit actually fell to Earth. “Two hours before the new fall can be sure of its accuracy, the fall at which point,” says Kyoto University dropout is.

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