Spirit Rover on Mars Was Finally Written Off, and His Mission Was Completed

Recently, Spirit announced 22nd March last year, since then, NASA controllers tried to establish contact with the robotic vehicle of, unfortunately, fail. On the surface of Mars spacecraft operated from its landing in January 2004, when Spirit and Opportunity missions originally planned for only three months.

The last signal sent to the Spirit has left the Earth on Wednesday 25 May 2011, was the last in a series of attempts to contact the probe. Spirit had over the winter on Mars, only a limited supply of solar energy, causing heating of the lack of on board instruments, and it probably led to their deterioration. The mission of robotic rovers Spirit and Opportunity is one of the most successful in the history of NASA. Currently,the operation will focus on poise rover Opportunity, which is still in a functional and on the road to Endeavour crater several miles distant.

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