Space Travel

Mans determination to zoom in and explore the world beyond the dark blue sky has always been his quest.This article takes to a journey of space traveling.Its a science thriller that will grasp your full attention,and present to you a full coverage of man’s endeavour of the world beyond.

                      A fascinating surrounding beyond the earths orbit, sparking an attraction for man’s endeavours to overcome gravity at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour, so as to quench his thirst of exploration. In short definition space travel, or space flight, is the use of space technology, to fly a spacecraft into and through outer-space, the vast region outside the protective envelope of earths atmosphere.

                        The birth of space travel is traced back in a period between 1957-1965. It was as a result of cold war between world super Powers USA and USSR. Both countries were belligerent and hostile towards one another as they battled for space dominance, also known as ’space race’. The space origin is tracked back after the second world war when missile arm race was underway.

                                               Pioneers of the first space operation was USSR, who launched their first space voyage satellite known as the sputnik 1 in 1957. The United States responded promptly with their continuous test of Apollo mission which commence in 1960-1969. This was a plot to to get back their highly ranked status as world supreme country, by leveling up to the challenge of USSR. Their most thriving quest was the Apollo 11 , where by a great number of their astronauts had already acquired plethora training.

                                                Dexterity skills was a necessity, to  manage to come up with a formidable spaceship for the assignment, hence the Saturn V rocket was created. It was 364 feet tall and when loaded it approximately weighed 6.1 million pounds thrust. Its booster burned 203,000 gallons of RP, refined  kerosene and 331,000 of liquid oxygen. The second stage had five J-2 engines, a thrust of 5,560,000 and propelled by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, while the third stage had one J-2 engine and 1,112,000 thrust. A lot of labour was required to put it together and after it’s completion the space shuttle was ready for use.

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