Sony Alpha Nex-c3 Review

Sony Alpha NEX-C3 comes with 16 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera Kit with 18-55mm Zoom Lens.

So I bought the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 camera last week and took it on a five pleasure trips. It had been great! We have a tendency to take video, pictures, and everything. I sold my Nikon D80 and purchased this and between the 2, I feel the photos are abundant nicer on the NEX C3. My solely gripe is that the battery may last a trifle longer. I bought a giant 16GB card and that I need to charge the battery concerning 3-4 times so as to fill the cardboard currently. Therefore it’d be nice to own a trifle additional juice on the battery.

The camera is super tiny. I browse all types of reviews, watched videos, etc. However wasn’t prepared for the way tiny it had been once I held it in my hands. I even have pretty huge hands and it had been a trifle weird to carry as a result of it. It wasn’t a deal breaker by any suggests that, however one thing to bear in mind. It is tiny. The burden and main bulk of the camera is that the 18-55mm lens that comes with it, and not the camera body.

I’ve gone back to the video and photos I took. I am unable to say anymore what proportion I even have fallen in love with the Sony Alpha NEX-C3. There’s simply such a lot quality and worth during this machine and that I can advocate it to anyone within the marketplace for one thing. I sold my HD camcorder and DSLR, and then bought this that replaces each with shining colors. I’m pretty excited to continue using it throughout succeeding few weeks to find out a lot of and a lot of concerning it. Again, glorious purchase and highly encourage those that are considering it do exactly obtain it. They will not regret it.

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