Something a Little Different – a Dissertation About Life

A dissertation about life and nanotechnology.

Something in life tells me I am different. I went to school Stupid. I was a very slow learner and got a low score at first because I do not learn unless I am around people who hold educational conversations. I like interesting lectures. I learn by rearranging the words on paper. In fact, I do not want to study at all.

For twenty years, I have been pondering existence. It seemed I learned so little, but I learned at age five how to tie my shoes. I also learned something else. This is when to give up and try something different. I have come to the conclusion that we have physics all wrong. Only the brightest of minds can comprehend any of it, and so physics is mostly useless. Except that it teaches us that the more complicated the theory, the more a simple mind can see that something is wrong. Why would nature have to be so complex?

It is late at night and I have been pondering the ultimate destiny of humanity.

I do now believe in extra dimensions. All the crystals demonstrate the different shapes possible when at small scales, these extra dimensions are folded upon each other. When dimensions of size are smaller than nine nanometers, this is the boundary of the quantum realm. Smaller than this is mostly unknown territory for us. A scientist then must become a theorist about the goings on at this scale. Our sub-atomic theories could be completely wrong. Why can not nature produce logical progressively smaller versions of itself as we pass from dimension to dimension according to scale?

This is both true and false, but these dimensions can be understood in simple electronics terms, and can be explained. Crystal shapes are a definite clue and could offer us a hint at the key to understanding other dimensions.

I do not believe that the Casimir force is insignificant at these tiny scales. In fact, nature may have only one basic force. This is an attractive-repulsive force between an analogue of artificial dielectric atoms. In essence, this would be vapor deposition of a vibrationally produced virtual state. The most common of which being the two nanometer hydrogen atom; the nature of which is supported by the infinitesimal vibration of space-time formerly called zero point energy. This vibration has recently been harnessed and proven. We now call this energy Quantum Vacuum Energy.

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