Social Impact of Technology

This article discuss the social issues of technology and types of technologies. In addition, it provides the issues related in using modern technology in business, household use and sports and entertainment.

Technology is the know-how and creative process that may assist people to “utilise tools” resources and systems to solve problems and enhance control over the natural and made environment to improve the human condition.

Technologies can be the process of doing something, the resources used in doing something or the end result of the process.

4 main aspects:

  • Technology as applied practical or technical knowledge. The use of tools and skills to solve problems and to extend human capacities. Resources created to help meet human needs and wants.
  • Technology as hardware.Are tools, machines, instruments and gadgets used in combination with technical knowledge.
  • Technology as technique. Methods, skills and routines used.
  • Technology as organisation of knowledge. Process where technology systems are organised, controlled and managed in networks. Eg. Digital and satellite telecommunications, media, internet etc. These technologies however are not useful until they create some advantage to humans.

Reasons for the Development of Technology

We use technology as a means of improving the environment in which we live.

  • To Improve Upon Existing Technology- Technology is apart of and evolutionary process. Eg. Computers which were first invented in the 1950s have undergone many changes in design, efficiency and application. There have been 5 generations of change that have occurred to improve already existing technology.
  • For Economic Benefits- for manufactures and producers, this meant that they could produce goods cheaply, in large quantities and in less time and using less people. This has also expanded to the use of cheaper materials and quicker methods of production.
  • To Compete with Existing Technology- this is similar t economic benefits, companies compete with each other to produce the same goods, but at competitive prices.
  • For the Social Betterment- people strive to improve their current living conditions. This is done through the use of household, community and workplace technologies.
  • The Emergence of Global Communities- satellite has help connect people and has created a global community, satellites provide links with existing technology such as phoes and televisions and computers. The internet has narrowed the gap between people al over the world.
  • As a Response to Social Problems- scientific technology developments in the areas of medicine have assisted in areas of health. Security technology has assisted in business and homes and cars in the face of rising crimes.

Technology and Wellbeing

  • Technical wellbeing- is our ability to control the environment. Eg new building materials that keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Light and sound control, air filters and air conditioners etc.
  • Practical wellbeing- is how household and community benefits come from understanding, communicating and functioning effectively in the world we know. Improved methods of transport eg. Roads. Communication eg. Phone internet faxes etc.
  • Emancipatory wellbeing- is our ability to participate in a variety of situations. Technology creates challenges eg. ATMs, EFTPOS, computers etc.

Factors Affecting Access to and Accepting of resources

(Refer to your groups in context chapter as these have been covered)

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