Simple-yet-meaningful Innovations

Most of the time, people associate innovations as something that is really fantastic. Telephone, Aeroplanes, Steam Engine, etc. have changed the way people live. Nevertheless, there are also some small innovations that highly influence people’s lives, although they might not be aware of it.

Have we realized that there are some simple innovations that people find to be very useful? Here are the things that I found out to be the simple-yet-helpful innovations.

1. Rubber Bands

Rubber bracelets created by Stephen Perry in 1845 under the banner of Messers Perry and Co., England. He found a rubber band through the rubber vulcanization. Since that day rubber bracelets have become an integral part of their office. Every time we wanted something to bind, the first solution we think is a rubber band.

2. Paper Clip

This is another important thing in a workplace. It was not complete when this thing is not there.The paperclip was founded by a patent employee in Norway named John Vaaler in 1890. He created paper clips from a thin wire with both ends square. However, the paper clip that is currently used is the design of William Middlebrook of Waterbury America in the year 1899.

3. Straws

Another simple discovery is a straw. it was invented by Marvin Stone, an American, in the year 1888. At first he threw the paper on a pencil and connected it by using glue. However, as the paper was wet, then he replaced it with paraffin-coated paper so that the straw would not become wet. After several failed attempts, he finally came to the conclusion that the length should be 8 inches in diameter are small enough for fruit seeds to enter. Thanks to Marvin,as right now we can drink by using suction.

4. Ropes

The first rope is made from tied grapes. There was an evidence  that rope was first used on 17,000 century B.C. The people of ancient egypt began to develop a strap on 4,000 century B.C. They made a rope from the water, animal skins to animal hair, and use it to build a giant pyramid which was still standing until now. The Chinese also started to make ropes from hemp or straw of grass in the interlace. Afterwards, the ropes were spreading to Asia, India and Europe.

5. Shopping Bags

Shopping bag created by Mr.Walter H. Deubner, the owner of a small grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota. One day, while he was sitting behind the counter, he began to imagine how to let people carry the groceries with ease. Until then, he created a shopping bag, which is strong enough to carry groceries weighing 75 pounds from his shop. In the end, his shopping bag products became very famous, and he earned millions of dollars per year

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  1. gaby7 Says...

    On July 9, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Absolutely awesome ! I liked the innovations.

  2. davangdi Says...

    On July 9, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Yeah, I agree as well =) It might be simple, but in reality it is highly demanded.

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