Science Monopoly Instruction’s

Plyer roles dice to see who goes fist.Once rolled the the players will choose a
Science Professor who will write down each players namen a piece of Paper,and give each player 500 dollars, which is in the bank.

Now each player will take the fist turn  by rolling the dice and moving that number of space

After your first turn you now must  answer a card in order  to role your dici again you may buy spaces

You may not give money away to otherfriends, unless you are buying propety from them, the ScienceProfessor Must approve all transactions.

In order to be let our of jail each player must  pay 200 dollars and skip two of there turns or produce a

Get out of Jail Free  Cart to the Science Professor .

Heating Systerm – any divice or process that transfers energy to a substance to raise the temperature of the Substance.

Cooling Systerm – a device that transfers energy as heat out of an object to lower its temperature

Refridgerent-a substance used in cooling systerms tha transfers large a mounts of energy as it changes state

Medium- the matter through which a wave travels.Mechanical wave – a wave that requires a medium through Which to travel.

Wave length- the distance between any two succssive identical parts of a wave.Period- The time required for One full wavelength to pass a certain piont.

Wave Speed-the speed at which a wave passes through a meclium.Diffraction- the building of a wave as it passes an edge or an opening.

Reffraction -the bending of waves as they pass from one medium to another. Reflection-The dancing back of a wave as it meets a surface or bondary.

Interference the combination of two or more waves that exists in the same place at the same time. 

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