Saving The Environment with Energy Saving Lights

A recent study has proven that using energy saving lighting in all buildings can actually reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gas and thereby, help in saving the environment significantly. Energy saving lights also lasts a lot longer than ordinary lights.

It has almost become a daily routine for an average man of common times to frown upon the fact that everything is becoming more and more expensive day by day and whatever price is getting increased is showing absolutely no sign of going down. Yes, it is understandable that with the income rate not increasing that frequently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cater to all the necessities of life. However, instead of hollering at the unfairness of it all, we need to focus on the savings part. Being a little more careful, and albeit smarter, can actually help us make some huge changes not just in our lives but also in the environment too. Wondering how your, seemingly insignificant attempt, bring about a change in the society or the environment for that matter? Well, a single person can make a change that actually matters. Remember how the saying goes? “Charity starts at home.”

Let us focus on one of the most basic yet troubling issues of our times – the ever mounting electricity bills. We have all noticed that our bills are going higher and higher no matter how much energy we are trying to save. It has to be explained here that even though the intent is correct, we are not making much of a difference as long as we are using a bunch of ordinary lights in our houses. It is time to make the switch to energy saving lights. Achieving energy efficiency is vital if we hope to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. A study that was conducted a few years back revealed that if a conscious effort is made to achieve energy efficiency in buildings and appliances, it can reduce GHG emissions by a few hundred megatons within the upcoming decade. These findings have been backed up by a more recent study and following those a mass awareness has already set in about the energy saving lighting.

In case you are not so worried about the bigger picture, you might be delighted to know that led can not only save the environment but also the user’s bank balance. Ordinary light bulbs are more prone to increase the preliminary costs. Whereas energy efficient ones are meant to save your expenditure in ways that are apparently unfathomable. First of all, these energy efficient ones and LED lights last a lot longer than ordinary lights. Where ordinary light bulbs last for approximately five thousand hours; the LED ones go on for about 100,000 hours. Even though they cost a little more than ordinary lights, you actually do not need to change them frequently. So, you can save money there too.

Then there is the obvious fact – energy saving lighting do not use up as much energy as the traditional ones do. Actually these lights use almost one tenth of the energy that the ordinary lights use. Lesser consumption of power means lesser digits on the electricity bills. Then there is no annoying humming or flickering. These lights do not even give out any harmful radiation that would affect the mental or physical health of the users.

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