Parts of the Electric Circuit

Electric circuits and its basic parts.

The electric circuit can be defined as a complete path where an electricity flows from a source to the load and back again to the source. 

Parts of Electric Circuit:

  • Source – The Source is where the electricity comes from. It is sometimes called as “source of emf”, refers to a generator, a battery of cell or a transmission power line. It is here where the current or electricity starts to flow. The function of the source is to establish difference from a high (+) to low (-) potential point. The potential difference makes the current to flow.

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  • Path – The Path is all the parts of the circuit where the current or electricity flow. It is the pathway of flowing electricity. The Path is made up of conducting materials “conductor”. This are materials that conducts electricity and allows electricity to pass through.
  • Load – Load are devices that consumes electricity on its operation. Examples are light bulbs, television set, electric fan, radios and many others. They are also called current consuming devices.
  • Means of Control – The means of control allows us to control the entire circuit operation. It enables us to regulate electricity. Means of control has the capability to connect or disconnect the flow of electricity from the source to the load. It usually comes in different forms, maybe a slide switch, push button switch, circuits breakers and others. The means of control functions in two ways; on or off.

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