One Small Step for Man, One Giant Hoax for Mankind

Depicts reasons to believe that Armstrong and Aldrin were not the first men on the moon.

One of the most massive, worldwide controversies of the present time is whether or not the Americans were the first to land on the moon.I fall into this category. I believe the first moon landing was a staged, childish act lead by our country’s selfish politics. Therefore, I have stated in the following facts and figures that lead to my presumption that on July 20, 1969 it is possible that the Apollo 11 mission never really took place.

First, what are some relevant facts about the moon?  To start, on the moon the only source of light is the sun. The light from the sun is so excruciatingly brilliant that the astronauts must wear a god-tented visor shielding 95% of the oncoming light. On the near side of the moon the temperatures get to over 260 degrees F and below -200 degrees F on the Far side. The near side is always day and the far side is always night. This is due to the rates at which the moon rotates and revolves around the Earth combined with the rate at which the Earth revolves around the sun. No one can ever be on the far side, where it is “night” , because the temperatures get so exceedingly low. Electronics malfunction and materials become very brittle at -40 degrees F. All around the moon there are millions of micro-meteors traveling at speeds of up to 6,000 mph, in which the impact of these micro-meteors hitting a shuttle will tear it to pieces. NASA, for safety precaution, was only able to get two men on the moon at a time, while the other stayed behind in the shuttle.The Lunar Module has a 10,000-lb thrust engine that left the moon’s dusk-like surface untouched.

What about the pictures? Keeping in mind that there is only one source of light on the moon, there are a number of photographs where there is shadowing where there should be light and lighting where there should be shadow. For a prime example, in the famous “Man on the Moon” photograph of Buzz Aldrin, the moon’s surface begins to fade out along the horizon. Why? On the near side of the moon, where it is always daylight, the surface should never fade. Also, there are a few light shades of shadow casted upon Aldrin’s sit, yet you can see his entire suit perfectly. There are air molecules that bend light on Earth allowing one to see in a shadowy area, but obviously there is no atmosphere on the moon so there would not be any air molecules to bend the light. Therefore, any shadows in any of the pictures should be completely dark.

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  1. Veronica317 Says...

    On October 14, 2009 at 2:48 am

    In my journalism class in 10th grade, we were to write a persuasive essay over any topic. Most students wrote about why football is better than basketball or which TV show is best, I chose to persuade that the moon landing was faked. At frist I thought it was silly but would make for a good discussion. Then I persuaded myself. 11yrs later I still had my essay tucked away and thought I should share it. And after reading over it again I still impressed myself. Of course I have the pictures on hand a view (and to those interested they can be searched by name). Keep in mind this was written at a 10th grade level. Please let me know what you think.

  2. Robair Victor Says...

    On March 5, 2010 at 5:12 am

    -intelligent job of research Veronica, unfortunately the gullible public is deceived by persons such as- Rich.C.Hoagland, whom is fine as a quasi-scientific voice on late-nite C2C-radio when people just enjoy the diversion from the real-life issues of the defaulting-mortgage and their rebellious teenager; –but truthseeking realists generally know by now that the entire NASA/MoonLanding sags was nothing more than a Holly’wierd Cold’war-hoax, and that Dr.Werner vonBraun was given the “CIA/Cancer-treatment”, owing this brilliant noble man was preparing to blow-the-whistle on the whole sorted event in the name of ethical Science! Accordingly, RCH is an opportunist story-teller (-to put it nicely), whom does not resort to base humor such as: “Want Free-gas, –pull my finger!” –but the end result is equivalent! It amuses me that RCH will go on for hours on flights of fantasy, –never addressing the prime impediment which makes his huckster exploitations of space-travel so ludicrous, –the fact that all of the Lunar-astronauts had to be willing-liars, or otherwise be exterminated in nasty ways! As any sharp school-boy knows an astronaut would have to be clad within a lead-lined suit once the spaceship passed beyond Earths magically protective VanAllan-belt. Thus until Man discovers a technique by which to create an artificial zero-weight VA-shielding effect, –we’re going to have to be satisfied with Robotics by which to explore Space for the foreseeable future, everything else is just political Obama-style hyperbola to appease ‘we the sheeple’, —or at best ‘wishful’ NOT scientific thinking… ~Robt. vH in SanDiego

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