Occupational Interest in Renewable Energy Engineering

Pursuing a new degree in engineering, Contributing to our global go green ethics.
Advancing my self for a new future and career. Position myself for a good career to support my family.

I have an occupational interest in Renewable energy engineering. With some investigation I have found that an associates degree in the Mechanical engineering area would be a good start to enter in this field. The mechanical engineering area will benefit me in many ways. It will prepare me for many different areas of employment. The mechanical field is quite large in all areas of design and manufacturing. We all know that design is a constant demand with all consumer products. If the renewable energy dose not become my path choice for employment. The mechanical engineering gives me many branches to other bachelor degree options. Some of these for example are Electrical, Manufacturing , Plastic, Rubber, and even Auto CAD drafting.

We all know the renewable energy field is a growing field. Although the jobs are not flooding the market in all areas yet. So with the out look of employment in renewable energy growing slow. The ability to transition in from mechanical engineering will be an ease. This makes my choice of school short term to be an associates degree in mechanical engineering. I have researched Northwestern and Ferris state colleges and found that Ferris is the closest collage with the mechanical engineering course. The mechanical engineering degree will give me good employment to lead into a bachelors of science. My focus is to complete the associates degree and move on to my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. Then the renewable energy bachelors degree will only require another 6 or 7 classes for my second BS.

With more research of employment rates and national hourly averages. The mechanical engineering area seems to stay steady with employment. The hourly pay average starts about $28 an hour. That is $10 more an hour more than I have ever made in my life. It dose not appear to be dropping employment rates. With many retiree’s coming in the next 10 to 15 years. In fact the engineering field seems to be growing to this day. I have looked into the national averages to give a basis of pay in this field. Starting level or an associates will put you in the $25 USD and up. Based on the chart, an average is around $40 USD an hour. With high experience levels with a bachelors degree earnings can exceed $47 USD an hour. Now these are just US averages and do not represent any guarantees in earnings.

With the information I have researched and learned, I am excited to pursue my career. My drive and focus are now being honed in on my decision. I no longer have a doubt or have I found my self questioning my decisions.From this point forward I am beginning an exciting journey of self reliance and have a large picture and goal set of what I want to achieve. I Know I want to contribute to changing our energy sources. To help build a new economy and help stop our pollution.

By: Jamin Kline


America’s Answer to Unemployment! “Go Green”

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