Non-Lethal Weapons

This is the world of non-lethal weapons. The article gives you a detail knowledge of some different types of non-lethal weapons that are world wise used by the armed forces to capture enemies without doing any blood shed.

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Currently scientists are trying to develop some such types are weapons that are capable to kill or capture the enemy without any unusual casualties that often happens during the commando’s operations. In fact some have been already developed and being used successfully by American and Israeli militaries. These weapons are usually being used in case of communal riots or self defense. India even is not legging behind to develop such weapons. Indian defense research organization DRDO has developed a hand grenade that is equipped with the chili powder and can compel the enemy to drop arms and surrender within minutes. The chili powder used in it has been obtained from the world’s hottest chili “Bhut Jolakia”. Certainly such weapons may prove very effective for security personals to control the situation avoiding any bloodshed. Below are some non-lethal weapons that are being used frequently now a day-

Active Denial System

This weapon system was introduced by the American army in the year 2001. This non-lethal weapon uses micro wave beam to produce intolerable inflammation on enemy’s skin. Although this weapon is considered non-lethal but the micro web beams can burn severely in seconds if proper care is not taken.

Sticky Foam

American navy had used this weapon during the United Nation’s peace keeping operation in 1995 in Somalia. Sticky foam uses some gum like sticky substance that sticks on the body once thrown through a gun. Although such foams are not poisonous at all but once stuck on the body it is very painful to remove the foam.


Israeli army uses this non-lethal weapon extensively. Skunk produces intolerable and bad smell among the enemy and compels them to come out from their locations. Israeli army generally uses this weapon to disperse the mob. What is more important with this weapon is that natural organic things like yeast and baking powder has been used to prepare its cell.

Electro-Sock Weapon

This type of weapon is very effective to prevent violent mob as they get immediate electrical sock. In this weapon system a very thin flexible wire is thrown through a special gun and when the wire touches some one he gets a strong sock. An electro-sock gun called “Teaser” is considered very effective and is popular worldwide.

 Electro-Magnetic Weapon

This weapon uses radio waves that are capable to disrupt or completely destroy the enemy’s electronic system making them helpless. American military had used such weapons during the gulf war and had destroyed the enemy’s communication system.

Sonic weapon

This type of weapon uses sound wave frequency to make the enemy stunned and helpless.

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