Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen is the most abundant element in our planet’s atmosphere. Approximately 78% of the atmosphere is comprised of this important element.

All nutrients undergo the process of recycling on Earth. Nutrients once used are recycled and reused again. Let us now study the nitrogen cycle.

          Nitrogen is required by all living beings to make proteins. But all of them cannot use nitrogen freely from the air.

          Nitrogen first has to be fixed, combined with other elements and nitrates before it can be used by living beings. Plants consume nitrates which are in turn consumed by the animals when they feed on plants.

          Nitrifying bacteria, present in leguminous plants play a very crucial role in the nitrogen cycle. They carryout the process of nitrogen fixation. Denitrifying bacteria decompose the dead remains and waste products of plants and animals and release nitrogen back into the atmosphere.

Images of Nitrogen Cycle

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