Nasa’s Mars Program is Worried About

Although it is not official yet, but scientists at NASA are already devastated. The U.S. government needs to save in order to reduce the huge budget deficit. So when President Obama submits his budget plan on Monday for 2013, the U.S. space agency will not escape unscathed. So the big Mars programs are in danger.

According to media reports, many scientists already convinced of it that NASA needs to get out two joint missions with the European Space Agency to the Red Planet in 2016 and 2018. Apparently the Russian competition from already expects to be able to step into the breach. Just announced last Thursday with Roskosmos Minister Vladimir Popovkin that were already negotiating with the ESA to move into the two-tier ‘ExoMars’ project.

He had no doubts that NASA could not take part, cited the portal space expert John Logsdon of the at George Washington University. For two serious setbacks in 1999, the Mars research missions such thing as a poster child for NASA has become.

According to reports, NASA is directed but overall the fact that the budget for the first Turn out in October beginning fiscal year 2013 is only slightly lower than the current budget of 17.8 billion dollars (13.4 billion euros) to $ 18.5 billion 2011th But what oppresses them, the balance of expenditure: Obama apparently plans a reduction of expenses for planetary research projects from the current 1.5 billion to $ 1.2 billion – an average of 20 percent. Further cuts are planned by 2017, reports about the “Washington Post”.

That means in plain text: NASA will continue to drive after the end of the Space Shuttle era efforts, as people soon be sending back into the surrounding space. In fact, the agency announced a few days ago that she wants to focus on two private companies to develop commercial space vehicles in the next two years with up to 500 million dollars under the arms.

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