Mining Space, The New Objective of Billionaires From Google

Two billionaires of Google, the famous director James Cameron, a former astronaut and former head of software from Microsoft will join forces to launch a new company, Planetary Resources, which aims at mining the asteroids.

Mineritul spaĊ£ial, noul obiectiv al miliardarilor de la Google

    The company will unveil its intentions at a press conference will take place on Tuesday at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Planetary Resources will have two purpose: natural resource mining and space exploration, followed by selling the materials extracted from asteroids to get huge profits, while adding trillions of dollars to GDP planet.

Huge amount of precious resources, such as platinum, found in asteroids could be a solution to crisis resources in recent years led to high inflation and conflicts between countries.

One of the entrepreneurs involved in new project is Peter Diamond’s, known for the Ansar X-Prize competition, which honors the most successful space projects. 

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Diamond’s said “Earth is a crumb in a supermarket located resources. Now we finally have the technology to allow us to extract outside the Earth’s resources to help humanity, not to violate and destroy this planet. “

Investors in the company include Ross Perot Planetary Resources JR., Son of former presidential candidate, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt (Google), director James Cameron, Charles Simon (billionaire has traveled twice to the International Space Station). The company benefits from the services of Tom Jones, also a NASA specialist and PhD in planetary science.

A Glowing Pool of Light, Planetary Nebula NGC 3132 (Photo credit: Venom82)

Google Chrome (Photo credit:

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