Many Rivers with No Bridges

The unforeseeable and wicked acts of man.


Bridges are meant to act as means of passage in waterlogged areas. This acts as cover to the waterlogged area and thereby forms a solid path for passage. Where bridges are people can easily cross the river without fear. There are bridges and there are bridges. Some are small, some are wide and long. The size of the bridge is determined by the land-space that is waterlogged.

These bridges could be physical or metaphorical. In terms of the physical it could represent the visible ones. While in the case of the metaphorical ones it could represent the unfulfilled promises made. These are of major importance to the people.

The physical bridges are built to make the way passable. Often times, these bridges are constructed to give support and solidify the road network system. Hence where there are bridges, the roads are of more value and durable compared to other of similar nature without bridge.

Quite unfortunate that this important thing is quite elusive in areas where it is most needed. Whether the physical or the metaphoric bridges, both are in short supply. The why is a major problem which we will find out soon?

It is no longer news that money are assigned for projects that are never implemented. And those projects that are lucky to be mentioned suffered seriously as a result of mal-appropriation. For instance many projects that were approved for action and the money disbursed never saw the light of the day. Yet the money expended. On what was the money used? These bridges must be built no doubt but who does it?

Deceit has taken everyone in different form. Many now doubt virtually everything due to insincerity and dubious act. For how long will this continue and to what extent can our pretense take us? It is time we rise to the occasion and act as if everything is now.

In my imagination, I have build castles in the air with no concrete plan of its fulfillment. There are so many rivers without bridges and so many bridges without rivers. I wonder deep and had a big problem on how to evade it.

The bridges of polluted thoughts and unplanned way have distorted my action but good, that the purported bridges were discovered not to be on time. Now a difference is sought and way forward is on demand. How to effect, this is flying the air.

The leaders have failed, they have built their bridges in areas where bridges are not needed and have left the real place for the bridges. The individuals have failed and the self have as well helped in building bridges where it ought not to be. Our bridges of aspersion and imaginative concepts have not helped us in time past and even now cannot. Our embezzlement and deceptive and fraudulent act have distorted plans of success. Above all, a rethink of new plan is essential to the growth and development of our being.

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  1. Evelyn A. Says...

    On October 4, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Who will right the wrong?

  2. Emelumba F. Says...

    On October 6, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Good article

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