Manned Asteroid Mission Possible by 2025

The ISS (International Space Station) may make a manned mission to an asteroid more possible in the near future.

Thanks to an idea that involves recycling part of the ISS (International Space Station), a manned asteroid mission may be more feasible, in the near future…

NASA has recently suffered some serious cut backs…but this may be because they have bigger plans for the future. Thanks to the NASA Blue Sky group, some ingenious ideas could help save money and gain incredible knowledge, through missions that may not have been previously financially prudent. 

The idea is brilliant and resourceful. The ISS is set to continue its current mission through 2020. At the end of that time period, the ISS could either become space junk…or it could be used for other purposes. Other purposes could include recycling the newest addition (Node 3) into crew quarters for deep space exploration. Specifically, the node could be adapted, using space exploration vehicles, to land a crew on an asteroid.

President Obama has already set a goal for NASA begin an asteroid mission, by 2025. So, given this information, I’d say this plan has an excellent possibility of happening, in the relatively near future.

The ISS:

Image via Wikipedia

Node 3:

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Image via Wikipedia

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