Life on The International Space Station

At about 300 km above the Earth, which, in one day and one night, give a detour of about 16 times, the most famous artificial satellite ever put people in orbit – the International Space Station – home to a small group of people living and work "up there" artificial structure serving them as a temporary home. Although all group membership changes, each of its members spent only a few weeks once on board the station, the entire organization as a whole, this "flying camp" looming like colonies earth that could, someday, there is the moon or Mars – the most daring dream of visionaries today.

Life on the International Space Station

   Before we get to have colonies on other planets or celestial bodies on the man also find available and appropriate, we have up there, an outpost of civilization on Earth. Like those  - Roman soldiers who guarded the frontiers of Empire – ISS astronauts live, somehow land on the outskirts of civilization, of course, not the social sense of the word, but in the “space”.

Many dreams of going there, fulfilling his dream to live in one of the most coveted professions – the astronaut – attracted by the fascination that space has on us all, and fascination with science and technology are very advanced exercise on many of us.

But once you arrive there, certainly everyday life on the ISS would temper the ardor of many, even way up there (not to mention everyday life) with high probability, would extinguish the excitement, bliss, ecstasy.

After that, at best, would remain consciousness, interest in the mission to fulfill, team spirit – that all things that help us do our job here on earth. And perhaps, as spiritual support, would remain somewhere in a corner of the mind, the idea that, however, are lucky that you are there, that participate in and contribute something important to human evolution. Otherwise … a lot of work and routine, all in difficult conditions. There, everything floats

Environment of the ISS has some special features that require special behavior. The most important of these features is micro-gravity, due to which all – people and objects – floating through the air, nothing is in place unless it has been carefully set and very simple things, like going from one point to another, personal cleaning, sleeping, eating and drinking should be made here in some way other than on earth.

Another feature of the site is limited space, which requires each concern as to not be bothered and I care not to disturb others. Astronauts have, in general, one bunk, where they themselves fit, sleeping bags, a few personal items and … so. Berths can be closed during night rest for a little peace and solitude, but comfort is still very limited.

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