Lessons for Life From Sound

With the presence of the auditory mechanism that would enable the person to listen to various types of sounds, one has to understand the various benefits of sound as well as learn a few lessons from the sonic properties.

1. What Pleases Can Also Hurt!

While music is also sound and noise is also sound, it is natural for people to welcome music while showing hatred towards noise. Therefore, one can choose whether to be pleasing music in their lives or noise that would be hated by one and all.

2. Be Organized; Be Respected:

What makes music stand apart from all the noises is that it follows rules and is very well organized sequence of sounds. Similarly, the person who is very well organized in life by managing themselves and making the best use of their available time will command higher respect from others, as compared to those who lack these fundamental qualities.

3. Energy Flow:

Even if one would not realize it, sound is a form of energy that would provide emotional support to the minds of creatures, even those from the animal world. Listen to the birds sing in the mornings and evenings, and the sounds of natural flow of water. These can be mesmerizing and energizing.

4. Energy Balance:

When the mind is too dilemmatic and is not able to focus, a few notes of music can influence it back to focus on the tasks in hand that would balance all the energy imbalances and energy blocks caused due to stress, lack of focus, etc. Similarly, the person should be a problem solver when their peers suffer from emotional disturbances.

5. Life Is Waves!

Sound is a form of energy that travels through various media in the form of longitudinal waves. Therefore, one has to recognize the fact that they have to squeeze themselves when duty calls for their action, while they must unwind once the deadline is met to reenergize them. Relaxing between the exercising cycles is as important and effective as the exercise itself. Moreover, just like a wave would go up and down to move forward, life should have highs and lows to ensure to help the individual to grow further in their life.

6. Vibrations:

By making use of the right set of notes and tunes, one can make even the most grouchiest of person to shake a leg or two. This is due to the influence of the positive vibrations produced. Similarly, one should strive to create a positive aura around them that would generate positive vibes when they enter their circle of influence.

7. Intangible Influence:

Sound is an relative energy and an intangible force that puts things in motion. It provides the hidden energy or saps the existing energy depending on its nature. Therefore one should be the invisible energy that pushes people to action towards achieving all those that they would not have imagined that they can achieve.

8. Honor the Medium:

When the medium is air, sounds travel faster, while the time taken to travel in a liquid or solid medium will not be the same. Therefore, one has to understand the efficiencies of the various medium (listeners) and give information to them in accordance to their capabilities, and not just to show off their abilities or knowledge.

Take the aforementioned points as a starter and find out the various other lessons that would ensure that the quality of life is increased to a greater extent.

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  1. Eunice Tan Says...

    On August 15, 2011 at 5:29 am

    Such a beautiful lesson.

  2. Raj the Tora Says...

    On August 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Thanks Eunice

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