Is Cdma Going Away?

CDMA communication technology is moving out and in its place comes LTE — a relative of the competing GSM technology.

For U.S. carriers Verizon and Sprint, CDMA technology symbolizes their bread and butter. The rest of the world enjoys a more common GSM technology, which can allow travel around the globe with a single, properly outfitted, mobile phone. When I read about Telecom New Zealand pulling plug on its CDMA network in 2012, I was quite surprised that any carrier using CDMA technology would be doing away with it in such a short time. It is known that Verizon is moving to Long Term Evolution (LTE), the mobile communications standard that is evolved from the existing GSM standard. For Verizon to make the change work, LTE and CDMA will have to peacefully coexist and seamlessly transfer calls until such time as Verizon decides to follow Telecom New Zealand and pull the plug on its CDMA network. That may prove a costly move for Verizon with their large subscriber base, however, that may be a moot point if they are able to have the iPhone on their new LTE network.

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