Is a Flight and Landing a Man on an Asteroid?

This surreal scene can be a reality if the Americans will allocate huge funds for the program landed men on the asteroid. This was repeatedly stated to the scientific community, U.S. President Obama. However, in contrast to the well-known Hollywood film "Armageddon", it will make much more complicated.

This project is a “difficult” and it will cost several billion dollars. For example, NASA spent more than $ 52 billion in 2010 to design and build the Saturn V. However, NASA should build a new spaceship, where astronauts can live and keep all the supplies of oxygen, food and water necessary for the long voyage. You will need to produce food on the ship in flight or try to establish a plant growing on an asteroid in the case of a long-term database on it.

• The flight will take a long time. Willis and his company reached the asteroid for several days if not hours. Research scientists show that a trip to an asteroid would require five to six months. NASA proposes to deliver astronauts to one of the forty asteroids that come closest to Earth in 2020 – 2030-ies and relies on a spacecraft, similar to the one developed for repeated missions to the moon.

Another problem – the cosmic radiation. Astronauts in orbit are protected from the radiation of Earth’s magnetic field. The astronauts, who leave the limits of the field, have no such protection. Cosmic radiation increases the risk of cancer and, in extreme cases, can cause nausea and vomiting.

Astronauts have to constantly take medicines to prevent the harmful effects of radiation. If there are any exceptional circumstances in the middle of an asteroid, the astronauts will not be able to return home after a few days, as did the crew of Apollo 13. It will take weeks if not months.

• People can not walk or drive through the asteroid. Even the largest asteroids have little or no gravity. So when in contact with the surface of an asteroid can be easily repelled and fly into outer space. One option involves the drift of the spacecraft near an asteroid, and sometimes with the help of engines, adjusts the position in space.

The minimum force of gravity also means that the dust, which the astronauts will lift from the surface of a cloud, will hang motionless for a long time. To learn how space probe landed on the surface of Eros, see here.

• Currently over mankind does not face the danger of collision with an asteroid. In “Armageddon,” NASA should send a crew to an asteroid, or life on Earth will be destroyed. In the real world, such a motivation for the flight to the asteroid no.

NASA begins the research program, which will lead to new, less costly technologies. Most likely, if a decision is taken on the flight and landing of men on the asteroid, then this program will be implemented jointly by several countries and this will not happen before 2025.

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