Pros and Cons of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Why and why not to use the new generation of headphones.

Noise-cancelling headphones are a new generation of headphones which have an on and off switch that when switched on reduces sounds outside of your music. This is done by a microphone placed near the ear that basically doubles the sound of what you are hearing through the headphones.

Before you go out and buy some noise-cancelling headphones please take these advantages and disadvantages in to consideration.


1)Yes they actually do block certain sounds when switched on, which makes it much easier to listen to soft music.

2)Some headphones actually have three noise-cancelling options instead of two which means on, off and mid (which of coarse stands for in between).

3)If you are one of those people that like to listen to your music and not get disturbed by people trying to talk to you then this type of headphones are the kind for you.

4)If you are trying to go to sleep on a plane and the noise of the plain is disturbing you, you can put the noise-cancellation on and put your music on low, which should make the noise of the airplane less noticeable.


1)Although there are some really good quality noise-cancelling headphones (which should cost you between $60-$100+) most of the noise cancelling headphones I have tried at least make the quality of the music you are listening to quite bad, this is because of the distortion coming from the microphone.

2)Because they consume much more power than normal headphones the battery life of your Ipod or anything else might be shorter if used.

3)Because we are not yet in the year of perfection as far as technology is concerned the headphones might only reduce certain sounds and not others.

I recommend these headphones for people who will use them in a noisy area etc. and not for just home use.

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