Mold Growth Conditions

Experiment showing the conditions that mold grows.

Title: Nutrition and Health

Aim: To observe to conditions in which mould grows


·         Clear plastic bags

·         Bread ties

·         Bread

·         Test tubes

·         Vinegar

·         Salt

·         Sugar


  1. Toasted a slice of bread to make it dry
  2. Cutted it into six equal sized squares
  3. Dissolved salt in a test tube full of water until no more can be dissolved. Made anther solution in the same way, but used sugar instead.
  4. Setted six plastic bags as shown in observations
  5. Examined the bread everyday for two weeks



Mould growth/ No mould growth

Moist bread (control)

Mold Growth

Dry bread

Mold Growth

Bread in fridge

Mold Growth

Bread in salt conc.

No mould growth

Bread in sugar conc.

Mold Growth

Bread in vinegar

No mould growth

The mould did not grow in the salt solution because salt because Salt is a powerful dehydrating agent and it pulls water out of cells. Mold spores cannot live and multiply easily in a dehydrated condition. In addition, salt water is an excellent conductor of electricity. As such, it interferes with the life processes that depend on electrical transmissions within and between cells. Mould did not grow in the vinegar because vinegar contains an acid which not only inhibits mould growth but also kills mould or mold spores it comes into contact with. Because of this property vinegar is also used as a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning agent. Mould grew on all of the rest because they had the necessary conditions needed for growth. These conditions are temperature between 25ºC to 35ºC, there was oxygen available for respiration and moisture for germination. 


It can be concluded that different conditions will determine whether it is possible for mould to grow or not. It can be seen if you do not want would to grow on foods it is best to store them in conditions that will allow minimal to none mould growth. Also adding and vinegar to food are two ways to prevent mould from growing. 

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