How to Backup and Restore Your Cell Phone Contacts

Has the agony of losing or damaging a cell phone bereaved you before? If so, then these tips on how to save your cell phone contacts in case of loss or damage are sure to be lifesavers.


You can synchronize your phone contacts with a server or PC or a Laptop, but before you can do that, your service provider’s configuration must be in place and you have to contact them maybe they have the function on their network or not and they will tell you the operation procedure. For Laptops or PCs, you must have bought a phone which comes with an installation CD, and your Cell Phone must come with a Bluetooth, Infrared or a device cable.

Sync with the Server

Your phone network provider must support this service before you can execute this option. Your provider will tell you the procedure, because it varies from Network to Network.

Sync with a Computer

First off, you will have to install the Software and driver from the CD that comes with the Cell Phone before connecting the phone with a Computer or a Laptop then connect your Phone with a device cable, Bluetooth or infrared and open the phone’s software window and click synchronize, when synchronizing it’s better to choose outlook express or windows address book (WAB) as your default for your phone numbers sync. After this all your contacts will be stored on the Computer or Laptop in a location.

Backing Up

You can as well back up your phone contacts on the Computer with the Phone’s Software installed on the computer look for the backup command on the Software window and activate, then choose a directory by creating one with a folder name “Phone backups”, automatically all your phone contacts will be backed up in one file on the Computer.

Copying and Exporting

Copy all your backup files you have on another system or a Flash drive in the case of system failure. It’s also better to export your contacts into another program file such as MS Excel, WAB or others so that you can have options for restoring your contacts nos. in the case of a lost or damaged Cell Phone.


From Backups

Restoring your contacts is as simple as A B C, since you have backup all your files and/or exported all your files from your Phone, all you have to do is to connect your new or another Phone with a Laptop or Computer and bring out the new Phone’s Software and click on “restore” after you must have installed it with the CD that comes with the new Phone, select the option to restore from the Computer to the Phone, this action will add all the contacts in your former Phone back into your new Cell Phone.

From Synchronization

You can as well restore your contacts by synchronizing your new Phone with the Computer or a Laptop, all you have to do is to connect your new Cell Phone with the Computer and load the Software for the new Phone and click on synchronization, select the one way sync from the Computer to the phone.

If you go through all these processes you will never lose any Cell Phone contact again. The cost of collecting numbers you already have from your Contacts will be out of the question. Indeed, it is intimidating to tell People you have lost your Phone again and again. So, don’t be intimidated.

Be careful!


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5 Responses to “How to Backup and Restore Your Cell Phone Contacts”
  1. Austine Oyebanji Says...

    On April 27, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    This article is a good way to restore your phone contacts, images, and music back to your phone or computer and laptop. Good luck!

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  3. Austine Oyebanji Says...

    On June 18, 2009 at 6:52 am

    Another way to backup your phone contactsis to download nimbuzz and be using it on your PDA, mobile phone or PC.

    I will be writing about this shortly, please stay tuned.

  4. wingssu Says...

    On June 24, 2010 at 2:35 am

    My device is HTC HD2 .I found a software called “GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite 1.1″,It contains a computer app to backup and restore contacts, including sim card contacts and mobile is fast to backup ,restore and easy to use!

  5. Office Headsets Says...

    On May 29, 2011 at 2:30 am

    Using active sync to copy contacts to my PC has always been my favorite method of storing contacts and other information from my phone.

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