Work Endless Luck

Description how work leads to luck.

Work –Endless Luck

 Stone Converted to Sculpture

By Series of Strokes


Bamboo converted to Flute

By series of holes


Seed soared into Tree

By series of hurdles


Tree will not surrender to Autumn

Waits patiently for flowers.

 Road accepts flowers and stones

Tree withstands storms

Trynig leads to luck and not crying

Even hen will not enter  the mouth of the lion

If he sits in the den !

Man became success

By series of trials

Those who work diligently

those who bounces back counts

Work no matter where you are and whom you are

Work will lead to possession not material riches psychological

riches like confidence .

Work produces confidence and Confidence leads to work

Put your legs on the land and head in the sky . Proceed slowly

Surely you get what you want 




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