Technology and Today’s Society

The advances that are taking place in a technology driven society. Some are obvious while others are not so obvious.

Technology has evolved immensely from the way business used to be done. Take for instance the expression “go and do business”. Technology has revolutionized society as a whole. Leaving a nation of people intoxicated by the effects that technology is never ending. Inevitably, technology will kill us both spiritually and inevitably render us weak of our mental well-being. Life is designed to live one day at a time. Nevertheless, technology will continue to speed up progress as it has inherently improved our way of life. Our workplace is geared towards technology and therefore improves the working environment. Advances in technology is currently meeting and in some cases not meeting business expectations.

Before we arose to proceed to our current place of employment, technology was already set in motion. We did not have to rely on the sound of the rooster crow to alert us of the break of day. Alarm clocks featuring digital apparatus are at the top of the list in technology advances. From the well put together leather hand bags that we tote and the dress to impress alligator shoes that we parade around on our feet to the piping hot showers that we indulge in are examples of the wonderful effects of technology. Technology has certainly come a long way. Therefore, technology makes life a whole lot simpler for the average citizen. The fancy automobiles that we drive promise to get even more elaborate as the centuries rapidly approach the future prevails. Ergonomic office furniture is leading the way in trend setting office environments. This equipment is leading the way in the office environment setting. Furniture satisfaction is guaranteed to meet the expectations of any high executive in the operation.

One requirement of a business environment is to ensure that employees remain punctual. No one wants to contend with irresponsible employees in the workplace. My place of employment utilizes a digital scanner for finger-prints when employees clock into and out of work. When an employee is hired for a particular position, a digital graphic fingerprint of the employee’s choice is viewed by the time clock. This image remains present during the initial clock in, during breaks and when leaving the employment worksite. Once you are hired the organization maintains this fingerprint image.

Secondly, alone with the other areas of multi-tasking, employees are required to reconcile the appointed cash drawer at the beginning of the shift. In the past, counting each stack of bills and every coin was acceptable practice. This process is obsolete and is no longer considered acceptable by most business standards.Because no matter how time consuming these techniques may seem the customer simply has to take a back seat to the cashier. Everyone recalls the small hand held calculators; well they are just not trustworthy enough for present day business. Technology has progressed in the process of counting out our cash drawer. Digital scales allow the cashier to weigh the monies to gain an accurate account of the cash drawer for the beginning of the work shift. Digital scales are quick and expedite techniques in technology as long as monies are not mixed in the incorrect slots. For example, you would not get an accurate count if a stack of one dollar bills had a five dollar bill lodged in the stack neither would you gain an accurate count if you begin counting the larger increments first. The register during this technique has to be reconciled from the lower amounts to the higher amounts of cash. Monies need to be placed in proper outlet to get precise and accurate results.

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