How to Make Electricity with The Use of Apples

It’s EASY!

               Apple can act as a battery. Attaching metal plates such as zinc and copper and connecting a bulb to them, the bulb will light up.

                What you need:


                                Copper plates

                                Zinc plates

                                Insulated wire

                                Torch bulb

                                Socket with wires


                                Attach the wires of the socket to a copper plate and zinc plate

                                Stick the plates into the half an apple

                                The zinc plate begins to dissolve in the apple. The particles of zinc splits into zinc ions and electrons and the zinc ion leave the plate and enter  the apple. The electrons will now pass along the wire to the torch bulb and then on to the copper plate. The flow of electrons creates electricity. As they pass through, they make the bulb light up. The electrons flow to the copper and then join hands with hydrogen ions in the apple.

Take note!

A battery made from a single apple is very weak, thus, to make a more powerful battery, use more apples.

Additional learning:

                Because of the acids, the fruits contain electrolyte and conduct electricity, they can act as a battery. When the zinc plate dissolve, the zinc ion enters the apple, leaving electrons in the zinc plate. Since electrons have negative charge, it becomes negative electrode, or cathode. The flow of electrons through the wires from the zinc to the copper plate creates an electric current.

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