Hide Nasa Facts … Doomsday 2012?

2012 doomsday debate about the truth continues. Some websites accuse the U.S. space agency NASA covering up the truth it will ruin the earth. Instead NASA strongly opposed the campaign end will happen in 2012 is busy talking on the internet. NASA condemn this accusation, calling it a "hoax internet."

2012 doomsday debate about the truth continues. Some websites accuse the U.S. space agency NASA covering up the truth it will ruin the earth. Instead NASA strongly opposed the campaign end will happen in 2012 is busy talking on the internet. NASA condemn this accusation, calling it a “hoax internet.” “There is no underlying facts of the claim,” NASA said in a posting on his official site. If a collision is going to happen, astronomers would have followed him since the last decade, and it already looks right now, “added NASA.

“Credible scientists across the world may know that there is no threat associated with 2012,” NASA insists. “Besides, our planet is fine as long as four billion years.” At first, doomsday theories circulating said tebrakan will occur in May 2003. But nothing happened until that date back to the winter of 2012 to coincide with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar cycle.

NASA insists that the Mayan calendar will not end in 2012, and said there would be no lines parallel khtulistiwa in the decades to come. Although there are predictions about the entire planet in the same parallel lines, but this effect was not significant, NASA said. Modern Mayan in Guatemala and Mexico have also been rushed to dismiss such forecasts. They see the development of end 2012 as a mixture of confusion, upset and angry at what he perceived as a disturbing distortion of Western traditions and beliefs. “There is no concept of apocalypse in the Mayan culture,” Jesus Gomez, chairman of the confederation pastor and spiritual pempimbing Maya in Guatemala, as quoted by The Sunday Telegraph. Cirilo Perez, an adviser to the President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, and a leading astrologers denounced the commercial exploitation of Mayan culture by outsiders. “It’s all a business, without any desire to understand,” he said. “When a stranger, or even when some people look at Guatemala, the Maya see them thinking, how wonderful, how beautiful. But they do not understand us.

The U.S. Space Agency, NASA, confirmed the prediction that the apocalypse will happen on December 21, 2012 are unfounded. NASA with the incentive to do small-scale campaign to counteract the rumors which have long circulated. Even some of the doomsday film 2012 has menginsirasi Hollywood. Finally, Sony Pictures, launch the film with the title “2012″ that began playing in U.S. theaters. The film’s production cost reached 200 million dollars, which the story is based on the Mayan calendar that takes account of the coming apocalypse in 2012. Doomsday scenario, according to the Maya, the planer is also called the X or Nibiru will hit the earth. Rumors are circulating through the internet mentions this mysterious planet discovered by the Sumerians. Opinion is further supported by a series of false and paranormal researchers.

Some sites even accuse NASA tried to cover up the existence of a mysterious planet that threatens the Earth, but NASA insisted that the rumors circulating the hoax. “There is no basis in fact clear that there is a mysterious planet that threatens the Earth,” NASA said in a statement on its website that dipampang.

As quoted in the NASA site, if this were to happen collision, astronomers could at least see it from a decade ago. And if memanga da planet moves closer to the earth, it can even be seen with the naked eye. “Obviously that kind of thing was not happening.”

NASA claims the scientists worldwide to examine the outer space do not see any big threat is going to happen on Earth in 2012. Planet Earth the blue planet inhabited alias humans have survived for more than 4 billion years. Space observations have detected it earlier planet Eris, discovered in 2005 by U.S. astronomer, floating in space. But the tiny planet with very cold temperatures and slightly larger berukura planet Pluto NASA is expected to remain outside our solar system, and not be located closer than 6.4 billion kilometers from Earth. Currently in bookstores around the world can be easily found books which contain the Mayan prophecy. Previous forecast said the apocalypse will occur in May 2003, but when at the time nothing happens, then the date of the forecast to be invented again in 2012. Even the Mayan calendar does not end on December 21, 2012, but there is a period after that. And calendar that even mentions nothing of the parallel position of the planet in coming decades. If the planets are lined up parallel as predicted some people it does happen, then the impact was not significant to the earth.

NASA is also prepared to prove that the predictions of geomagnetic storms, reversal of the poles of the earth or instability will destroy the earth’s crust is not true. There are several myths that say that the rotation of the earth and the earth’s magnetic poles have a relationship, with the alternation of the magnetic poles of the earth every 400 thousand years.

“As far as we know it’s harmless magnetic changes on life on planet earth. They also argued that the reversal of the Earth’s rotation sebagais esuatu impossible. Changes in Earth’s magnetic field reversal is also seen as not going to happen in the next few millennia. While comets and asteroids hitting the Earth is something that often happens, but a major collision occurs very rarely. The last time the event had any effect on what the Earth is 65 million years ago, believed to be the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. “We’re pretty sure there’s nothing earth-threatening asteroids that could make an impact as 65 million last epidemic,” according to the NASA.

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