Government Should Spend as Much Money as Possible Exploring Space

Government Should Spend As Much Money as Possible Exploring Space.

When we see photographs or videos of starving children, it’s quite hard to say that we should spend billions of dollars on space exploration. Where I live is a LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country). People suffer from starvation, disease and cold. For instance what do you think would happen to this country if the governments weren’t paying attention to the society but only on exploring space? In fact, if this country succeeded with exploring space this country would gain a lot of money. However, what if people started civil wars? And the government has no money? So I think the government should focus on getting theses problems sorted out.


As mentioned earlier this could cause some serious problems. If the government doesn’t pay any attention to the world this could lead to a riot or even war. For instance if the country was in a war with another country they will have no money to pay for their soldiers and weapons. At the same time the people of the country could cause a war by themselves and in anytime this country could become a piece of junk car. In other words no mans land (?).


Farther on this could cause starvation and disease problems which are related to tax problems. If people die due to starvation or disease because the government is focusing too much on space exploration, there will be less people paying tax eventually their space experiment will fail and the country will fall.


In conclusion I believe that the government should focus more on country’s problems. Such as, traffic, starvation, aids, transportation, communication and such. However at the same time they could spend some money on exploration of the space. Although it is true that we should focus on exploring the space looking at the long term the government should focus on the country’s development first.

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  1. Sarah Says...

    On December 15, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I agree with this post. I’m in debate and my class is researching for a “project” on the federal government should increase its space exploration. this has some good negative arguments.

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