Golden Spike Travel to The Moon Offer Worth $ 750 Million From Year 2020

Golden Spike Travel to the Moon Offer Worth $ 750 Million From Year 2020.

Ever dreamed to vacation on the moon? Well .. chimera is now not only a dream in broad daylight. Golden Spike Company will make it happen, as long as you set up fee of $ 750 million. The company describes it as riding a train journey to outer space.

For now the first trip is scheduled in 2020. Golden Spike itself is a company founded by NASA employees, including Johnson Space Center Director Gerry Griffin, and former NASA Associate Administrator Alan Stern.

Stern said that space travel offers 2-seater, with each costing $ 750 million. He was aware of the science fiction and trying to make it happen to be real.

Golden Spike targeting foreign countries as a major customer. But they do not allow certain countries such as China to enjoy the service. This decision was taken on the grounds of law and politics. What are the costs they spent to develop travel to this month?

Total estimated costs for operations ranging from $ 7 to $ 8 billion, which includes the cost of testing, development and many others. To minimize costs, the Golden Spike in collaboration with other companies, such as SpaceX to use the available rockets and spacesuits rent. How, interested in being part of this incredible journey?…

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