F.B.I Rocks (Female. Black. Inventors Rocks)

There is a new organization out there that is celebrating the growing group of African-American Female Inventors. Founded by an Inventor from Chicago, Illinois that wants to take the much needed recognition to the next level.

F.B.I Rocks (Female. Black. Inventors Rocks) has arrived! This great new organization is pulling out all of the stops to celebrate and award our Innovative Women and Girls of Color. The Founder, who is also a Female African-American Inventor realized that this genre seems to be completely untapped and felt frustrated at the lack of recognition that these women were getting.

I was also hard-pressed to find information on women of color inventors (with the exception of Madame C.J. Walker); but what I did find gave me reason to look further. One of the most current celebrated female innovators is a young woman by the name of Yvette Kendall, Ms. Kendall has a number of unique products that are either on the market or in the process of making it to the market.

Ms. Kendall has had a number of interviews regarding her products Cleencups (Anti-Bacterial Coated Cups) , Meal Pearls (A New Food Source), Hatari Helmets (Animated and Motion Graphic Motorcycle Helmets), Scalers Fitness Shoes (Sneakers with Built-In Body Weight Scale) and Armor-Tape (Bullet-Proof Tape).

We were able to find a few more young women in this field but not many more, so the fact that F.B.I Rocks Organization has decided to take on the daunting task to bring this small group of people to the fore-front is a worth while cause and we applaud them. The world should take notice to the new trend that is starting and we will follow them throughout their progress.

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  1. Marsha Says...

    On April 6, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful idea!

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