Environment and Habitat

Environment and Habitat Are most important to our nature.

                                            Studying the Environment

          Scientists who study the environment are known as ecologists. They take different measurements and make their own observations as a part of their study.

          On the basis of their measurements and observations, they can understand the behavior of different animals with respect to their environment. The job of ecologist is, basically, to understand how various kinds of natural processes work.

                  An environment studying nature and its life forms.

          Studying the Environment


            Habitat is defined as the natural home of a group of plants or animals. This group of living things is known as a community. The habitat is also called the ‘address’ of a species. The habitat comprises distinct areas which have their own characteristic climate, soils and living communities of plants and animals.

             Trees are the most common example of a habitat. They are home to several birds, insects and worms. Similarly, water bodies are the habitat of many water, plants and animals.

                               Animals Habitat

                                                 Birds Habitat

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