Visit The Beautiful Place of Banaue Rice Terraces in Philippines

One of the most beautiful spot in Philippines is the Banaue Rice Terraces. Lot’s of people came from the other country was visiting this place.

Banaue Rice Terraces in ( tagalog: HAGDANG HAGDANG PALAYAN NG BANAWE). The Rice Terraces is are commonly reffered to by Filipino as the ” EIGHT WONDER OF THE WORLD” this is made by man (man made). Its located in Banaue, Philippines carved in the mountain of Ifugao, Philippines. This place is pretty cool and the view is really perfect. 

It is commonly thought that the terraces was built with minimal equipment, largely by hand. They are fed by ancient irrigation system from the rain-forests above the terraces.

There’s also have a Souvenir Shop in the front of the view deck of Banaue Rice Terraces, lots of things inside like chain, native dresses of Ifugao and good handicrafts. This place is really have a nice view and you cant imagine how the Filipino’s made this big rice terraces.

We got to the actual town of Banaue just in time for this. I don’t know what they doing, but it appeared to be some sort of contest of the fittest. There was a large circle of young men in traditional clothing and then these guys released the pig. Then instantly all of the young guys in the circle pounced on the pig. It was kind of funny and the squeal of the pig let out was crazy! Then they started to blow the whistle and the police bystanders were telling the losers to get off so the guy and the pig on the bottom didn’t get squished. One guy eventually was declared the winner and presumably was allowed to keep the pig.

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