Islands of Garbage Block The World’s Largest Dam

See where is the the world’s largest dam and what blocks it…

Sanxia Dam, or the three gorges dam, it promised to provide clean energy for millions of people. However, Chinese superstructure is now under threat of vast floating islands of garbage and waste, discharged into the Yangtze River because of heavy rain and flooding.

Waste covered a large portion of the river and locks hydroelectric dam – whose construction had cost 25 billion dollars and 100 lives – are now at risk. Crust of garbage is so thick in places, that people can sit on it, to the surface.

Three gorges dam, whose wall measures 2.335 kilometers in length and 185 meters in height, became fully operational only last year, its 26 turbines with the capacity to generate 18,000 megawatts per hour. Approximately one million people were displaced from their homes and three towns were flooded to create gargantuan structure, in which the Chinese have seen a “flagship” environmental projects worldwide.

Sanxia Dam blocking the waste is not an isolated event. Another residue island, covering an area of 15,000 square meters of water was stopped under a bridge in the northeastern city of Jilin Province Baishan, blocking the flow of water.

Emergency services have already started clearing operations in Sanxia Dam, but fear that they will require several days. They have already collected 40 garbage trucks, but the remaining waste could fill another 200. And in addition, more rain is forecast for the next period.

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