Identifying Worms in Children

Identifying worms in children.

CHILDREN susceptible to worms. Always keep hand hygiene and environmental sanitation is the key factor preventing the child is exposed to intestinal worms.

Do not consider trivial worms because if not quickly eradicate this parasite, it is feared the child would lack nutrients. Worms will absorb the nutrients in the body and make the skinny kid who was attacked. The consequences for the patient was not less dangerous than other diseases. Moreover, most of the victims are children. As a result, in addition to impaired physical development, the ability of the brain can be blocked.

The characteristics of young worms

Regarding rough feet and belekan characterize worms, it would be nice if the Moms checked into the pediatrician to be certain anymore whether your child is worms or not. Generally, child characteristics worms

As quoted from Mom & Kiddie, dr Muhidin SpA from Harapan Bunda Hospital, Jalan Raya Bogor Km 22 No. 24, Rambutan, East Jakarta to explain the characteristics of children in contact with intestinal worms are:
- Pale, listless, listlessness.
- Impaired growth as weight does not go up despite big appetite.
- Thin yet potbellied.
- Children restless at night and likes to scratch his ass.
- Stomach and intestinal disorders such as heartburn and diarrhea periodic or otherwise, difficult defecation.
- Cough-cough.

Hookworms and pinworms

There are two species of hookworms commonly infect humans, Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus. Approximately a quarter of the world’s population infected with hookworm. Infection most commonly found in warm and humid, with a poor level of cleanliness.
Pinworms most often found mostly in children. Infection can be at all levels of socio-economic. If one family affected not mean bad hygiene standards family. Symptoms are itching in the anal region could also be on the vulva vagina. If the child’s mother slept nungging, find first what causes it? Is it because her anus itching? Or because of what? If he looks scratched area around the anus can be affected by pinworms Moms children.

Prevent worms
- Teach children to always hand washing with soap after playing, before meals, and after meals.
- Cut the child’s nails regularly. Long nails can be a place for living worm larvae. Wash vegetables in running water and cook until meat is cooked through.
- Familiarize the child does not have their hands in your mouth.
- Give worming every six months to cut the worm’s life cycle. You can start when the child is six months old.
- Keep always clean sanitation.

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