Foot Worms

Foot worms a parasitic infection.

When you drink contaminated water,  especially,  in rural areas the water containing water fleas and this is infected by the larvae of the guinea worm. Surprisingly, a year later this disease appears on your skin with a burning sensation. This happens on your lower limb in the form of a blister.  This disease is in Asia and Africa, mostly in the world’s poorest countries.

Being one of the first disease to occur in humans goes on for centuries, called the Guinea worm. When inside the body the larvae finds its way inside the body cavity whereby the male and female worm mates, after mating the male worm dies and is absorbed, thus the blister on the skin is formed.  As a result the person infected puts the infected limb in the water because of the burning sensation and the sore opens up allowing the female to release the guinea worm larvae.  As a host to the parasite the cycle is repeated.

Types of worms

Round Worm, Hook, Whip, Pin Worms and Tape Worms are what we are familiar with, though not many of us know of all the symptoms and how to deal with such kinds of worm illnesses.

Round Worm, thousands of people are infected with this worm worldwide, it grows up to fifteen inches in length and lays at least two hundred thousand eggs a day, the symptoms that one experiences, is a pain  in the upper abdominal, sore eyes, and asthma.  This can cause blockages in the appendicitis, causes loss of appetite and abscess in the liver.

The Hook Worm grows up to half an inch length and feeds on the patients blood. Symptoms, are loss of appetite, craving to eat soil, an iron and protein deficiency,  you have dry hair and skin, eventually heart failure and death.

Pin Worms,  these worms grow up to half an inch in length and lay thousands of eggs a day on the outer of your anus. An itching and irritation of the vagina is caused as a symptom, Pin Worms come out of the opening of the anus to lay their eggs at night,  the eggs can be passed on to person to person through direct contact or when sharing food.

Whip Worm grows to two inches in length, it causes bloody stools, nausea and weight loss.

Lastly, the Tape Worm grows up to thirty five feet in length and lays millions of eggs a day. Commonly seen in stool samples, persons infected with this worm experiences, dizziness, hunger, weight loss and vomiting.

Prevention of worms, a good idea is to have apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and have cloves with every meal to kill the worms in your intestinal tract.

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