Elderly and Technology. Does It Go Together?

As time passes, technology becomes more and more advance. in this 21st century, more impossible things are becoming possible and more things are being invented. for youngster who are willing to learn new things, they are able to adapt to the new lifestyle. but what about the elderly? should they go about continuing their "old-fashion" lifestyle or should they learn to adapt to these new technology?

Technology brings about the meaning as the usage of knowledge and tools to come about with a purpose or to solve some issue. it is very frequent for us to see technology all around us these days, wherever we are. be it in our own house or our office or even the shopping mall. blender can be said as technology since it helps us to cut/slice food into fine pieces. even washing machine can be considered as technology since it helps us to lessen our burden in washing our laundry.

so, is it even logical to call the elderly as old fashion?

as the technology becomes advanced, we begin to see many different equiptments/gadgets/appliances that appear in the market. from things that are improvised to things that are newly invented. for example, we can see that there is no such thing as touch-screen phones during our grandparents’ time but nowaday, touch-screen handphones are being used by most population of the world. 

majority of us may fall in the category of early majority and late majority. this means that we are able to adapt to new things but it take some times in order to adapt to it. different factors may affect the time that we take in order to adapt to certain new technology. such factors may be financial fluidity and also our social circle. 

our parents and grandparents may fall in the laggard in the adopter category. this means that they prefer the traditional way and tends to adapt last to the new technology. so, is it necessary for them to improve themselves and become more involved in these new technology?

in my opinion, teaching the elderly on the usage of advanced technology is pretty much crucial. nowadays, all around you deals with technology. even your workplace deals with technology such as computer. maybe teaching the elderly about touch screen phone or even about plasma television are not of priority. but when it comes to computing, it is wise for them to know how to operate it.

the way i see it is that, not only the youngster and healthy people can benefit the society. but with the knowledge that we passed to the elderly, they are able to benefit the society too. afterall, they have used some of the traditional technology way before us. 

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