Eight Airlines Have a Unique and Sexy Stewardess Uniform

A knowledge about eight Unique stewardess uniform.

Airlines all over the world have its own staff to help and serve passengers on the plane. They are usually called stewardess and stewards.

Not just anyone can work as our stewardess and stewards. Typically, many special classification that must be met before a person can use the uniform of the airline.

For stewardess, usually must be flawless in height, slim, wearing a uniform so that when the future can look attractive and elegant.

Speaking of the stewardess uniforms, usually mind immediately pictured with a shirt and short skirt uniform with the color carrier, coupled with a small scarf or hat.

However, some of these airlines have stewardess uniforms are quite unique and unusual. Some are a bit eccentric, but even there that looks sexy and sexy.

Curious whichever airline stewardess uniforms have a unique and sexy?

Let’s check it out ..

8. Mexicana

Mexican airlines have been bankrupt years ago. They fought desperately to raise their income after the competition in the aviation world increasingly fierce.

One way to boost revenue is to use section to the stewardess uniforms. But unfortunately, sexy stewardess was not enough for the passengers.

7. Singapore Airlines

Although not openly, but the stewardess of Singapore is practically section from a different angle. They are not only beautiful but also friendly, with her hair in a bun wrapped in batik dress like kimono so it looks elegant.

6. Mandala Airlines

After had a vacuum of domestic airlines, Mandala Airlines return flight. With new owners and entrepreneurs Sandiaga Uno Tiger Airways, the cabin crew are also changing.

Unlike other local airlines that use shorts or long skirts, Mandala Airlines stewardess using black trousers. This is what makes it unique compared to other airline stewardess in the average wear skirts.

In order to show the identity of Tiger Airways, Mandala was equipped with new uniforms kinds of leopard scarf worn on the hip area.

5. Lutfahnsa

The German airline is famous for sexiness stewardess who usually beautiful and tall. However, this one is not uniform is worn daily, but the uniforms are deliberately used for the Munich Oktoberfest During the year 2009.

These uniforms were created by combining traditional German outfit with a regular Lufthansa stewardess uniforms.

4. AviaNova

May be you are not familiar with this airline. The new airline was just a whole corn. At the beginning of his promotion, they took out ads that are more similar than the airline’s Playboy video in general.

This tactic is applied also to the airline uniform, hence more like a bathrobe than a normal stewardess uniforms. Again, it is not enough sexiness to attract passengers. The airline is also bankrupt from Russia recently.

3. Virgin Atlantic

Combination of a beautiful woman in a red uniform with the name of the combined airline would have to give you an idea of ​​sexiness stewardess. The red color has been proven to be the easiest color to attract men.

Imagine a very tight short skirts, plus a shirt was unbuttoned very low with a scarf around his neck. This proves, no need to to open to look sexy.

2. British Airways

This is not the usual uniform worn daily by the London airline Stewardess, but specifically for the New York-Caribbean route. Materials made ​​of plastic sleeve is formed like an anti wet sack with holes in both parts of the hand. This shirt will be opened when the aircraft until the goal, leaving only the Stewardess bikini only.

1. Hooters

You remember the restaurant in the United States (U.S.) a waitress sections, with large breasts who just wrapped a white tanktop and orange mini super hotpans? Yes, the restaurant owner who terkenak also has businesses in the aviation industry.

Hooters Airlines stewardess in the air exactly as a waiter, on the ground. The difference is, these stewardess are not only making but also give demonstrations of food safety instructions before takeoff.

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